18 reasons why you should say


  1. Inadequate setbacks and separation between buildings.
  2. Insufficient green areas for relaxation and recreation of residents and visitors.
  3. Serious direct environmental impacts caused by pollution, shadowing, wind tunnel effects (when wind is blowing) and loss of breezes (in calm weather).
  4. Garage to units ratios below standard requirements.
  5. Deep foundation work causing vibration and damage to neighbouring buildings.
  6. Setback from the riverfront too narrow and well in front of original survey pegs.
  7. Building heights far exceeding original town planning restrictions.
  8. Building to land area ratios high,  non-compliant proximity to neighbouring buildings.
  9. On-street parking congestion (there is only one car port for virtually all units).
  10. Marked increase in already heavy traffic on Lambert and O’Connell streets.
  11. Danger to cyclists and pedestrians on heavily frequented bike lanes and walkways.
  12. Blockage of narrow roundabouts by large trucks and earth moving equipment (as experienced already with the Thornclyffe development).
  13. No concessions for Riverwalk thoroughfare.
  14. Many neighbouring residents’ views will be completely obstructed.
  15. Prolonged noise, dust and inconvenience from the construction site.
  16. Impeded access for emergency services (ambulance, police).
  17. Increased fire risk and safety risk from impeded access for firefighters in event of fire in towers or nearby residences.
  18. 3 towers, similar size to Dockside towers on a much smaller block of land.

If they do it here, they’ll do it in your neighbourhood.